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Senior Year series      (YA)                        
 -Geek - Boy Equals....
 -Geek to Diva in 20 seconds
Dead-End Ave     (YA)
 -The Shelf
Returned series novel
Dark - Inferno novels
 -Returned to Fire (standalone novel)
 -Born of Nether (from Grimoire Anthology)
 -Born of Divine (current WIP)
 -Fury Rising (current WIP)
Upcoming Anthology Submissions
-One Rogue Down (current WIP) **
-Rogue by Nature (current WIP) **
**title still under review**
Immortal Blood series   (YA)                 
 -Branded 2 (current WIP)
 -Hunted (current WIP)
 -Deceived (current WIP)
Anthology Projects
-Fae Court (taking submissions)