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Born of Nether

Born of Nether

[ A novella of the Dark - Inferno series ]

An Everwitch is born when an angel and a demon die on the same day. When all goes as it should, their life energy passes through the ley between the mortal world and the ether. But….if a human is caught in the crosshairs of that ley, he or she is consumed by that energy and thus becomes Eternal.….a danger to both celestial and netherworld beings….


When Brielle makes a quick trip out of town for a family emergency, she gets caught in the crosshairs of an on-going battle between the Angels of Divine and the Demons of Nether. As a newly-made EverWitch, she is given abilities beyond her wildest dreams .... but for a cost. Both the Heaven and Hell worlds are dying, and both sides want Brielle give up her freedom and join the fight to save their world. But with the Angels just as terrifying as the demons, she isn't about to join either side. Her only bargaining chip seems to be a magical grimoire that has somehow become a part of her body.The only thing is …. the last person to carry that book ended up dead....

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