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The creature sitting calmly across from her bed was the first thing she saw as she opened her eyes.


Alicha Anthony froze in place, the last remnants of a deep sleep slipping away.  Waking up to a demon watching over you was never a good sign.  And even worse, she recognized the demon casually seated in her bedroom.


‘Katse, Tevit’s lieutenant.’  Her mind raced.  Whatever reason Tevit had sent his second-in -command to her bedroom couldn’t be good.  Given the fact that she had recently escaped a ten-year stint in the service of Tevit, the Demon Lord of Envy, and youngest of the seven Hell princes, she had right to be concerned.  Her hated job had included torturing innocent people into giving up their souls.  A recent turn of events had freed her from Tevit’s hold.  The only problem was, her old boss hadn’t exactly been updated on her new position.

Now, here was Katse, clearly sent by Tevit.

The warm bedsheets around her body had felt comforting before. Now, they just felt stifling and restrictive.  Alicha fidgeted.  Wanting to sit up so that she wasn’t as vulnerable, she really wished that she hadn’t stripped down to her underwear before going to sleep.

Katse seemed to read her mind. “Don’t bother,” he said drily, “there’s nothing a human has that I haven’t seen already.” 

Since Katse was a half-chaos, half-incubus demon, and given his reputation, she didn’t doubt him.  Back in the Hell Realm, his incubus side had made him very popular with the female residents.  Rightfully so, since he had a lean body, sexy chin-stubble, and an internal intoxicating power.  But equally as much, his chaos side had made him a violent, psychotic addition to Tevit’s stable, one that thrived on torture.

Though his expression had remained blank as he had spoken, Alicha could hear the disdain in his tone.  She couldn’t help the spike of fear that shot through her core.

With that, Alicha threw caution to the wind and sat up, bringing the blanket along with her.  Quickly rewrapping it before he could see too much, she faced the demon once more. 

Dredging up an ounce of bravado that wasn’t nearly enough for the situation, she steeled herself.  “What does Tevit want now?”

“This morning, Tevit received a summons for your arrest.  Since a demon prince like Tevit has more important things to do than run behind a servant like yourself, that’s why I’m here.”  His dark eyes glittered.  “To collect you.”

“My arrest?  It’s not possible.  I already faced the Council last night.”  A frown made its way across Alicha’s face.

The demon only shrugged.  “That was then.  This is a new summons, this one for the murder of Tisiphone, the great Fury.”

“The what?”  Stunned by the accusation, Alicha’s jaw dropped.  A slight chill ran along her shoulders and she clutched the sheet a little tighter around herself.  “I didn’t kill Tisiphone!  I told the Council that.”

Katse either didn’t believe her or didn’t care.  Alicha had a feeling that it was the latter.  In one sudden move, the chaos demon was on his feet.  He lifted his arm, flicking his fingers in the air.

A small burst of sparks was the only warning she had before a swirling mass opened in the air next to Katse.

.....The story continues in Fury Born (COMING SOON!)....

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