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Geek to Diva in 20 seconds

It’s timid Olivia, cynical Kaitlyn, and bold Tabitha ….. oops, Lydie, Kaori, and the gorgeous Camille, of course, back again. Strolling on the other side certainly has its consequences. Clearly, popularity isn’t all that it’s cracked to be, and Lydie was right: the alter egos are bad, bad, BAD! Especially since Kaori is falling in love….. with Camille’s boyfriend, and Camille herself is too busy to notice; she isn’t finished sneaking around with the other guy, the COLLEGE guy, the same one her mother disapproves of.

And sweet, innocent, responsible Lydie? Well, she may be hiding the biggest secret of them all.

......Apparently, it’s pretty easy for a Geek to graduate to a Diva….that is, under the right circumstances.

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