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Interview with Priscilla's Bookshelf for Paranormal in Color Book Fair

October 28, 2018

(It was a multiple author event.  Here's my interview from that day:)

Priscilla's Bookshelf  :  Up next is author Kish Knight. Everyone lets give her a warm welcome. If you have any questions about her work and or writing journey please ask them here.

Kish Knight, a teen and new adult paranormal fantasy author, was born and raised in the US Virgin Islands. Seeking out the supernatural, she relocated to Savannah, Ga. for the ghost, ghouls, and old-world charm. After reveling in the Southern ghosts, she took residence in the DC area and met a new set of city spooks.

When not at her desk, she's most likely to be found with a book (nose-deep), romping with her 8 dogs (7 pits and 1 Chihuahua mix), or plotting out ways to take over the world (or at least the book market). Her current round of busywork always involves developing a plethora of design documents for her latest e-book series.

Kish also writes middle-grade novels under the pen name of Cher Cabal. She is the author of the Returned novel series: Resurrection, Hellbound, and Dawning, as well as the expanded compilation, Returned to Fire; the Dead-End Ave series: The Shelf and The Shelf 2; the Senior Year series: Geek - Boy Equals.... and Geek to Diva in 20 seconds; and also of the middle grade novel, Our Crew PLUS boys!. Visit her at




Kish Knight  : Hello!

Kish Knight : If I can give a quick, quirky intro....I'm Kish Knight, young and new adult paranormal author. (I'm addicted to rainbow sherbert, doggies, orange juice, and kayaking. . Being a popular writer has been the end goal from age 3, but it may take a lifetime to get there!)

Kish Knight : About writing, though, I debuted as a young adult author (POC main characters typically), and have since moved into the New Adult genre.

Kish Knight : Though I also craft contemporary fiction, I LOVE paranormal novels, and tend to write mainly that genre.


Priscilla's Bookshelf  : Thank you for sitting down with us today.

Kish Knight : Thank you for having me.


Priscilla's Bookshelf  : Kish Knight what first inspired you to write?

Kish Knight : When I was about age 3, my sister used to make up these fun bedtime stories for me, and not too long after, I started making up my own bedtime stories. But they were always dark stories, with BLOOD! Even at that young age....


Priscilla's Bookshelf  : Kish Knight how many books do you have published?


Kish Knight : I have 8 books...3 contemporary (Geeks 1&2; Our Crew PLUS boys!), and 5 paranormal (The Shelf, Resurrection, Hellbound, Dawning, and Returned to Fire).


Priscilla's Bookshelf : Kish Knight which book do you recommend to new to you readers?

Kish Knight : Love that question! Returned to Fire...(it is an expanded compilation, made up of three parts ...Resurrection, Hellbound, and Dawning, with added scenes)...


Priscilla's Bookshelf  : Kish Knight where do you see your writing career going?

Priscilla's Bookshelf : Do you see your books in film someday?

Kish Knight : Priscilla's Bookshelf I would love to go mainstream. I am actually working with a set of teens and advisors to give real faces to my Geeks series, to produce live action trailers. It is an awesome concept.

Priscilla's Bookshelf : Kish Knight That sound like it's going to be amazing. Best of luck

Kish Knight : Priscilla's Bookshelf thanks so much!


Priscilla's Bookshelf  : Kish Knight who was your favorite character to write?

Kish Knight : I loved Sionne in Returned to Fire, just because of her sauciness. There is Sionne in everyone, I think. She always gets tossed the lemon in life, has the snarky comeback in her head, AND then settles on the nasty side-eye to deal with it. But she is hands on with her demon business. Sionne literally intends to double-cross her demon master, since she has no intention of fulfilling her end of the dark deal to live in Hell.... Hope it works out for her....I can't tell y'all....

Kish Knight : Still, I also love Bri in my YA novel, The Shelf. I have written that novel into a 4-book set, which I am releasing in 2019. I am very excited for this project to return to the stage. I have had some teens critiquing the novels, and they have given some intriguing comments. I can't wait to release this series!


Priscilla's Bookshelf  : Kish Knight is there anything else you want your readers to know about you?

Kish Knight : Yep! I love events and groups such as this one, simply because I enjoy networking with and learning about other authors in this genre.

Kish Knight : Also, comment below to enter my Paranormal in Color Giveaway! Winner gets an autographed paperback copy of my novel, Returned to Fire.



Priscilla's Bookshelf  : Kish Knight where can readers find your books?

Kish Knight : Please follow me on Amazon Author Central ....


Priscilla's Bookshelf : Kish Knight how can readers reach out to you?

Kish Knight  : All links are on my website…. Young Adult Fantasy | Kish Knight

Kish Knight : Also, comment below to enter my Paranormal in Color Giveaway! Winner gets an autographed paperback copy of my novel, Returned to Fire.

Kish Knight : Thank you for this opportunity!

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