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A Drop of Ink and Obsidian

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In a frozen land where magic is outlawed, the trees are suddenly burning magenta.

Once a proud, cohesive society, the valravn world has been split into two: the Onyx Court and the Obsidian Court. To keep their morals intact, the Onyx Court has banished the use of magic in their land. But when delegates from the Obsidian Court show up unannounced, bringing outlawed magic with them, the Onyx Court must admit that their world has begun to fall apart. From a giant sinkhole that is swallowing their city to the peaceful zikkus that are falling dead throughout the court, things are going bad. Now the trees are lit with magenta flames signaling that the Eldritch Trials are beginning again.

The only female king in valravn history, Syere is determined to remove the Obsidian delegates from her land, along with their illegal magic. Letting them seize control would be admitting failure, and failure doesn’t exist in her world. As a strong leader, she can handle it all including finding the best champion for the Trials. The only thing is…. the last four champions never returned home from the Trials.


When the Obsidian Court insists that Syere must undertake the trials herself, USING magic, or else the Onyx Court will be absorbed by their rule, she has little choice.

A Drop of Ink and Obsidian is a part of the Shared World Collection presented by Jessica Cage.

The second book in The Eldritch Trials series, it is definitely an entertaining read. Grab your copy now!

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