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Teen Dark Paranormal/ Paranormal Romance - (Young Adult)

(Book 1 of the Immortal Blood series)

Bri unravels a decades-old curse, in the first book of the Immortal Blood series.

For Bri Brewley, dying was not on her list of things to do. Neither was chasing behind mysterious bad boys with big attitude problems. She’s always been content with her world, with having fun with her friends, and waiting for graduation. Right up until her friend Arielle is murdered, and Korey shows up in town. Against her better judgment, Bri is drawn to Korey, even though he moved to town the same time that an ominous presence begins to stalk her.

Then after it becomes clear that Arielle’s death was anything but accidental, Bri’s torn. She’s suddenly found herself on the receiving end of a series of vicious supernatural attacks, the same type that killed her friend. No one believes her….except for Korey. The problem is that Korey somehow seems to show up wherever she is. And how can she forget that the very first time she saw him, was at Arielle’s graveside?

Now Bri has become tangled in the web of a dark supernatural creature – one that has seemly innocent humans under its control.

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