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Plan A?

Free herself from serving her demon, finish college, and then get the hell out of Dodge. You see, it wasn’t Alicha’s fault that her life was on borrowed time, since her mother had saved her life as a child by turning to one of the Dark Princes. So escaping that life was Alicha’s plan until her master sends her out on a Dream-Walk that lands her dead-center in the middle of an immortal show-down.


Scratch Plan A, and Plan B too….New plan, C?

Gather her team, seize one of the Dark Kingdoms, rise to power in the immortal world and….. and maybe she can be left the hell alone for once. Once she has enough dark power, she can make herself fully human again. Only….She didn’t expect to find Hunters living in her town, Hunters who existed solely to eradicate any and all dark forces, no exceptions made. A cruel twist of fate then, to find herself falling deeply in love with one of these Hunters. Can Alicha rise in the ranks in time to regain her humanity before her lover is forced to slaughter her next?

Fury Rising

SKU: 978-1671598959
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