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The Shelf

Some people are born into a family fortune.  Bri has just entered into a family curse…


…I don’t want to die…was what Bri’s best friend said only days before.  Never having believed in curses, Bri dismissed Aeryal’s claims and assured her friend that she would live.  Assured her that all the near-death incidents were just coincidence.  


Then came her funeral.


And then comes the attacks on Bri’s life, attacks that are eerily similar to the ones on Aeryal.  Without warning, she’s running for her life from ademonic being that only she can see, and in the midst of it all, not one, but two gorgeous guys are suddenly vying for her attention.



The thing is, mysterious artifacts snuggled away on her best friend’s bookshelf might prove that one of her boyfriends isn’t as innocent as he seems.

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