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CURSED (BOOK 2) .. Coming soon!

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Cursed by Kish Knight

Series: Immortal Blood, #2

Genre: YA Dark Fantasy

Release Day: TBD


Bri should have known that her life couldn’t be simple. Between burying her best friend and getting closer to the bad boy who showed up at the gravesite, her life has taken a serious left turn. The dark creature who hounded Aeryal to her death has now developed a dangerous fixation with Bri. Bad boy Korey is the only person that she can talk to, but Bri can’t figure out if he’s on her side or if he’s part of the darkness. Not to mention that Bri’s clock is ticking down as she races to find a lost immortal in a town riddled with secrets, even as her body begins to succumb to the effects of the curse.

The deeper Bri probes into Aeryal’s sudden death, the more she uncovers the buried sins of a secret society. Since she doesn’t know who to trust, she has to start tracing the old steps of the missing immortal, in hopes of finding new answers. But as she gets closer to the truth, she has to wonder if anyone in her circle is at all what they seem.

A Sneak Peak from the intro of Cursed (Branded 2) : Read Below ....

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It was a good day for a kidnapping. 


That was the only thought on Bri Brewley’s mind until pointed words broke through the turbulent thoughts in her head.


“It’s six-thirty on a Sunday morning.  Are you sure you don’t need to call home and explain why you’re chasing a key to the Other Realm?”


The sounds of the small diner around them buzzed, as people came in for breakfast, some just leaving work, others on the early shift.  Bri just stared over the glossy menu at Korey Parsons, who was seated across the table from her.  His question hung between them, because yes, of course, she needed to call and let her aunt know why she hadn’t come home the night before.  But unfortunately, she didn’t have a great reason to explain why, especially since saying ‘demon dogs had been on the lawn’ probably wouldn’t be believed.


At all.


Neither would explaining about the mysterious ‘Other Realm’.


So hoping to change the subject, she stated bluntly, “If Vanthe can give us answers about Arielle’s death, then we can find out what happened.  I’d rather think about that.”


Looking serious again, Korey nodded.  “Yeah, you’re right.  We can’t forget about Arielle.  Girls don’t just drop dead for no reason.”


Making a face, Bri rolled her eyes.  “They do when their bloodline is cursed.  Trust me, I know.”  And she did.  Especially since she’d gotten herself thrust into her best friend’s cursed bloodline.  Now she was slated to be the next to die.


At the moment, it was easier for Bri to focus on her immediate situation, instead of worrying about what would happen when she got home.  The night before, while thinking about Arielle’s death, she’d snuck out of her house and gone partying.  Or at least she’d tried to.  Thoughts of the recent paranormal craziness in her life kept invading her brain.  Then, things had gotten even crazier when she had bumped into Korey.  The night had ended with them being attacked by ferocious demon dogs.  Somehow, she had ended up staying the night at his house.


Now, they had woken up super early, jumped in Korey’s black Jeep, and started driving in hopes of talking to the mysterious Ms. Vanthe person.  Vanthe, they believed, was not just an innocent donor to the University’s Demonology department.  They were certain that Vanthe herself had to be a demon.  There was no other explanation for her interest in demonology, her interest in certain artifacts, and most importantly, her failure to age over a span of thirty years.


“And I think I’ll just get an orange juice,” she said, eyes on the menu, hoping that the slight rumble of her stomach wasn’t loud.


Korey shook his head.  “Nah.  Order food.  We’re having breakfast,” he said.  “But still, what about calling your parents?”


Of course, Korey hadn’t forgotten his original question.  She didn’t think that he would have, but it had been worth a try.

“Nah, I’m not going to call.  I’ll deal with it when I get back home,” she said, shaking her head slightly.


A smile played on the edges of Korey’s lips.  “Alright,” was all he said, before lowering his head back to his own menu.


Bri looked around at the other customers.  Everyone seemed to be immersed in their own business and no one seemed concerned about why two teenagers were in a roadside diner just after daybreak.  Which was good.

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