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             The RDAS turned out to be mostly deserted, at least at 10:00 am.  Bri couldn’t speak for any other times.  All she knew was that Korey had dragged her out of bed way too early for brain-intensive work like researching.


            “It doesn’t sound like your demon wants the same thing from you that he did from Aeryal,” Korey stated over the pile of books surrounding them.


            “He’s not my demon,” she replied automatically.  Raising her head, she asked, “What makes you say that?”


            Korey only stared at her as if she were missing half her brain, before dropping his head back to read.  “Didn’t you say that Rikgso started attacking Aeryal before he killed her?  Bad enough that she ended up in the hospital?”


            Bri nodded, staring at his bent head.  Without waiting for an answer, Korey went on.  “So if he wanted you dead, don’t you think that you would have been recovering from that attack outside Shanice’s house in the hospital?  Pretty damn sure you wouldn’t be sitting here with me.”


            On the drive over, she’d filled Korey in on the rest of her run-ins with Rikgso, so now he knew just as much as she did.


           “So how do you think that we can start finding out information?  Any leads to research?”  Once they had arrived at the Department, Korey had led her over to a group of tables and chairs.  Bri had sat, glancing around at the stacks and stacks of books.  How were they going to find any information, indeed?


           “Um..,”  Completely thrown off, she wasn’t accustomed to being asked for her opinion.  “Well….um….in my dreams,” she gushed, “Aeryal always hints that it is a family thing.  So maybe I need to find someone who knew her grandparents or something.”


            Korey seated himself in the plush chair next to hers, seeming thoughtful as he edged his chair closer.  “What’s her last name?”


           “Who, Aeryal?  It was Swan.”


          “Swan.  That’s not a common last name.  It should be easy enough to look up info on the Swan family in the local library or even on the Internet.  Any strange or suspicious deaths in the Swan family throughout the years.  Right?”


           “Right!”  Bri was excited.  “We have to be able to find out something!  I don’t even think there are a lot of Swans in town.  Any here are bound to be related to Aeryal.  So yeah, that’ll make it way easy to research this.  Thanks!”


            “No problem,” he murmured.  Now suddenly, with him sitting on her side of the table, the situation had shifted slightly into something more cozier.


            And more intimate.

          Without thinking, she leaned in close to him, watching as he mimicked her move and came closer.  Their faces were mere inches apart, noses nearly touching.  Korey had been smiling earlier, but not now.  Now he was dead-serious, those brown velvet eyes meeting hers, with a tender message in its depths.


            ‘He’s going to kiss me…,’


            A loud chirping cut through the moment and Korey jerked away from her.  Just catching her breath from what had almost happened, Bri watched him grab at his pockets and pull out a phone.  His phone had rung at exactly the wrong time.


            ‘No, it was the right time,’ the reasonable part of her brain put in.  ‘You’re not here for that.  You’re here about Aeryal.’


            ‘Oh, shut up!’ she thought to herself as hard as she could.




            For a second, she thought that she spoken out loud as Korey began to rise, staring at her.  But then she noticed that his hand was clamped over the speaker part of the phone, and he looked distracted.


            “I have to take this call outside.  Gimme a minute.”


            “Okay.”  Bri watched him walk quickly down the hall and sighed.  ‘Might as well get busy doing what I’m here to do.’


            She opened the nearest book and began reading.

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