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NA Books


[New Adult Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance] [Ages 16 and up]

Under the threat of everlasting fire, the Fallen and the Unfallen must unite…

Or die.

Long exiled from the heavens, Dix knows her place as ‘one of the Fallen’, so when two Archangels show up on Earth to take her back to Fifth Heaven, she’s stunned. And whether she wants the job or not, she’s been chosen as the next elite.

Simmering Deception


(A Jack and the Beanstalk fairy tale re-telling)

[New Adult Urban Fantasy] [Ages 16 and up]

A retired Giant-Hunter.

A magical statue.

A deal with the Fae Court thugs.


Jack has spent years developing his reputation as a renowned Giant-Hunter: the best, the fastest, the strongest. After a near fatal mission, he decides to retire from the game and move back in with his mother. But there, he’s forced to face a harsh truth: they are deeply in debt to the deadly Fae Court. In a city where humans pay under the table to use dark magic, not paying often equals death. Their only option is to pawn the tairah, the magical statue responsible for Jack’s abilities. But after a bad trade, Jack is forced back into the violent world of hunting giant fae.


And something… rather someone… has put him right in the crosshairs of danger: an intriguingly beautiful woman who seems to be in the exact same trouble as him.

Fury Rising REV cover- Kish Knight.jpg


[New Adult Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance] [Ages 16 and up]

Plan A?

Free herself from serving her demon, finish college, and then get the hell out of Dodge.

You see, it wasn’t Alicha’s fault that her life was on borrowed time, since her mother had saved her life as a child by turning to one of the Dark Princes.  So escaping that life was Alicha’s plan until her master sends her out on a Dream-Walk that lands her dead-center in the middle of an immortal show-down.......  

Born of Nether


[New Adult Paranormal Thriller] [Ages 16 and up]

An Everwitch is born when an angel and a demon die on the same day. When all goes as it should, their life energy passes through the ley between the mortal world and the ether. But….if a human is caught in the crosshairs of that ley, he or she is consumed by that energy and thus becomes Eternal.….a danger to both celestial and netherworld beings….

Returned To Fire

RETURNED TO FIRE ( Resurrection, Hellbound & Dawning (with extras )

[New Adult Paranormal Thriller] [Ages 16 and up]

She sold her soul for earthly beauty, and now, it’s time to pay up. After Sionne is murdered, she is transported right to Hell to start her servitude as Hell’s newest demon. A little pleading with her demon master earns her a few days back on Earth to find her killer. Only, she has no intention of going back to the fiery pits.... 

Returned 6x9 ebook - Dawning JPG.jpg

DAWNING ( Returned Part 3 )

[New Adult Paranormal Thriller] [Ages 16 and up]

It's the end of the road for Sionne….back to Hell, unless she can finally work with her 'sexier-than-Hell' demon hubby, AND a sanctimonious angel to save her soul....

Apparently, being resurrected ain't easy....

Returned 6x9 ebook - Hellbound JPG.jpg

HELLBOUND ( Returned Part 2 )

[New Adult Paranormal Thriller] [Ages 16 and up]

Sionne as Taryn…. Taryn living through Sionne….throw in a hot demon and a cute human guy, and a girl (dead or not) could kinda get used to it. However….. will Sionne ever figure out which of her friends did her in? 

Returned 6x9 ebook - Resurrection

RESURRECTION ( Returned Part 1 )

[New Adult Paranormal Thriller] [Ages 16 and up]

Bargaining her soul had literally cost her .... her life. 

Sionne Webster comes to in a new body, that of a recent suicide: an unpopular, mousy girl. She’s got no clue who this chick was, or why her body was chosen for Sionne’s Earth resurrection. 

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