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(coming April 2021)
The fiery story of a dragon shifter and her fight to save the royal throne from her sworn enemy : the man she fell in love with.
Fury Born 
(coming October 2020)
 NA series from my Dark - Inferno world.
After fully transforming to a full-flegded demon, Alicha is forced to prove her innocence in the disappearance of one of the Dark Princes.  Too bad that her new lover is a gung-ho demon-hunter, who'll stop at nothing to catch his next victim.
(coming November 2020)
Bri finds herself deeper in unraveling the dark mystery of what happened to her friend, even as she finds herself drawn into a dark world outside of the Human Realm.
Rise of the Elites (a shared world project)
(coming March 2021)
Join Kish Knight and six other Urban Fantasy authors for this fantastic collection!
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